Nadine Mongeard Mott
Translation and Interpreting Services
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Vast experience in consecutive interpreting, on site and over the phone, ranging from the medical to the legal and social fields (workers’ compensation hearings; intake and asylum interviews for refugees), as well as technical, educational and artistic.

Most recent conferences and simultaneous interpreting events worked:
  • John Deere Aftermarket Expo 2014, Phoenix AZ (6-9 Dec 2014)
  • Business Research Conference, Paris, France (13-14 Aug 2015)
  • Global Management Seminar, University of St Thomas, Houston, TX (7-9 Sep 2015)
  • Multi-company Project Launch, Freeport LNG, Houston, TX (22 Sep 2015)
  • Global Meeting of Families with Pope Francis, Philadelphia, PA (26-27 Sep 2015)
  • BMC Software Executive Briefing, Houston, TX (3-4 December 2015)
  • Rice Convention U.S., Houston, TX (June 1-2, 2016)
  • John Deere Aftermarket Expo 2016, Austin TX (Dec 11-14, 2016)
  • GM Group Efficiency is the Key Conference, Sugar Land TX (Feb 19-22, 2017)
  • Total Life Changes Awards, Houston TX (March 3-4, 2017)


Olympics2014   Pope
Interpreting during HISD
Special Olympics in May 2014
  In the interpreting booth during
Pope Francis' visit
to Philadelphia in September 2015
Joseph   Milagro and Gladys
With Joseph and his lawyer, after a long asylum application interview in March 2017.   After a successful hearing in court with Milagro, Gladys and
their wonderful attorney, Jessica Sewell



"My wedding would not have been possible without Nadine. Her expertise, patience, friendliness and professionalism made the union of an American and Brazilian family possible. She perfectly translated our wedding invitation, our entire ceremony and multiple speeches (for both the English and Portuguese speakers). She coached me to pronounce and understand every word in both our vows and speeches. My mother-in-law, Lili, speaks no English. Nadine took her under her wing for the whole weekend and made sure she had the best time and understood everything. Lili became the life of the party because she could communicate with my large American family – all thanks to Nadine. Nadine is not only an incredible interpreter and translator, but she is now a part of our family because of the impact she made on everyone that weekend."
Meredith Tyler da Silva, April 2017

"Ms. Mott is a pleasure to work with. She is a very dedicated French, Portuguese and Spanish Interpreter. She is always on time and never skips a deadline. We would highly recommend her."
Sandra Varas-Godomar,
Program Specialist, Alliance Language Network, Alliance for Multicultural Community Services























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