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One on one, highly personalized sessions available at your home/office or ours.

We adapt the curriculum as well as our methods and tools to best suit your individual needs and interests.

Whether you are looking to learn a language from scratch, improve your skills as a professional, need a little help with a school or college course or would like to keep up your proficiency with some conversation practice, we can devise a plan of action and set up a program adapted to your schedule and availability.

Ten-day intensive courses, tailored to your specific needs and interests, available in Paris, France and Buzios, Brazil.

Weza, Kenzo and Safira

Field trip to the Museum of Natural Science with Weza, Kenzo and Safira,
my ESL students from Angola.

After-school tutoring with Eros, another ESL
student from Angola and a very keen learner.

French can be a tricky language to learn so I do my best to keep it fun. Sarah-Jane and I were both sad to finish our lessons together when she left for college - where she was undeterred and continued her French studies!
  Kenzo, Safira and Welwitschia

Learning about the U.S. geography the fun way -
great team work from Kenzo, Safira and Welwitschia.

Presenting Odette with her E.S.L. Studies diploma upon completion of our course

"I fell in love with a Brazilian man. I became very motivated to learn Portuguese. Nadine personalized my private tutor lessons by filling in the gaps of my love struck mind and helped me learn the regional sounds of my partner. This was huge.
Rio de Janeiro has very specific accent and nuances. She took me in as a student by understanding what I wanted and helped me to understand my relationship better. A wonderful relationship starts and ends with good communication.
She helped me add verbal and written fuel to the conversation fire. Plus speaking Portuguese with Nadine has taught me the softness of the language. She gave me a model in which to speak sweetly and confidently. Now I love to speak Portuguese, period!

Simplicity Love, Hawaii, April 2017
Yara and her family had arrived from Angola a few months before they contacted me. Her son, Eros, was struggling in his 1st grade class and losing heart. After being top of his class in Angola, he was asking mom: "Am I stupid now?". Far from that, he is a very smart and inventive child and it took no time at all to help him connect the dots, adapt to English spelling and sounds, and restore his confidence. His mom says:

"We were feeling lost and had no idea where to start nor where to turn to. In a country and culture that are completely different from ours, Nadine was and remains very kind, professional and a true friend. My family and I recommend Nadine's services - in 3 months, our son learned to read and write in English and so much more, always in an easygoing and pedagogical manner."
Yara Silva, April 2017



























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